Become active!

Are you interested in the connected world direction of Electrical Engineering, and do you want to broaden your network within the department and industry? Then ODIN might be something for you!

We have all sorts of possibilities to do this within ODIN. Ranging from a part-time board member (3-4 hours a week) to just organizing a single activity (4-8 hours in total). Everything is possible!

We have the following possibilities currently open. The board functions could be combined:

OpportunityTime consumptionExplanationContact
Chairman2-4 hours per weekKeeping an overview of the complete association and keeping contact with Thor and other Master
Secretary2-4 hours per weekPrimarily focussed on handling all written communication with members and external
Treasurer2-4 hours per weekFocus on managing the finances of the association and ensuring every activity gets the required
External Affairs2-4 hours per weekOptional function, primarily focussed on broadening network within department and
Committee member1 hour per weekOrganize multiple activities such as excursions, lunches, symposia and lunch lectures. Low-effort but high reward with new connections within industry and
Single activity1 hour per weekSame as a committee member, but then for a single activity of choice. If you have a good idea or plan, please send us an email and we might be able to help you and provide you with budget!