What is ODIN?

Master association ODIN is a student branch of e.t.s.v. Thor, the study association of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. ODIN focuses on students who are interested in the area of telecommunication and information technology and mainly focusses on Master students in the Connected World track in the Master of Electrical Engineering. However, a lot of students in the end of their Bachelor’s also regularly visit our activities.

For this, we specialize in a number of topics, which are covered by the capacity groups ‘Electromagnetics‘, ‘Electro-Optical Communication‘, ‘Integrated Circuits‘, ‘Photonic Integration‘ and ‘Signal Processing Systems‘ within the Department of Electrical Engineering.

How we do this

By organizing excursions, study-trips and lunch lectures, we give the students the opportunity to discover these interesting fields of Electrical Engineering and learning new things on the way. Additionally, we help students to get into contact with their possible future employer by enabling contact with engineers from the field.

Besides these educational/informative lectures, ODIN also has some other entertaining activities to bring likeminded students and staff-members together and thereby improve the bonds between students, PhDs and staff. We do this with, for example, a yearly barbecue, members night, ODDDDIN and more!

ODIN has a slogan, as can be seen in the logo: ‘Eenheid door communicatie’. This means ‘Unity through communication’, which describes our goal to bring likeminded students, interested in communication, together and help them on their way through their studies in Electrical Engineering.

Become a member!

If you want to join these activities, you can always come by at the sixth floor of the Flux building. We are glad to give you more information about!

When you want to regularly join our activities, you can become a member. You can already become a member for €2,50! You can register here!

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