About ODIN

Masterdispuut ODIN is a student branch of e.t.s.v. Thor of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. ODIN focuses on students who are interested in the area of telecommunication and information technology.

By organizing excursions, study trips and lunch lectures, we give the students the opportunity to discover these interesting fields of Electrical Engineering as well as getting into contact with your possible future employer!

Besides these educational/informative lectures, ODIN also has some other entertaining activities. For example a yearly barbecue, members night, ODDDDIN and more!

ODIN has a slogan, as can be seen in the logo: ‘Eenheid door communicatie’. This means ‘Unity through communication’, a relevant slogan for the Communication Master Association of Thor.

Become a member!

If you are interested in telecommunication and/or information technology, it’s definitely worth becoming a member of ODIN. If you are an Electrical Engineering student and you finished your first year, you can become a member.

Our membership fee is only €2,50 per year or €5,00 for the entire duration of your study. This includes advantages like (mostly) free lectures and excursions. If you want to become a member or receive some more information, stop by at our room: Flux 6.184.